100% Pasture and woodlots raised. No grain, no antibiotics, no hormones.


Cut Price/Pound
Ground $12
Stew Meat $11
Shoulder Roast $12
Leg Roast $12
Chops $14
Ribs $8
Liver $5
Heart $4
Kidney $4
Bones $5
Whole Goat and Cabrito: $3/lb (on the hoof) + butcher fees


We raise Kiko and Kiko/Boer cross goats. We rotate them through pastures and the woods, especially in areas overgrown with kudzu, privet, and blackberry. A dark red meat, goat can be used in any recipe calling for lamb or venison (or even as a substitute for beef). Eaten throughout the world, goat meat is a delicious and sustainable choice.